Create a jump game!

You’ll start with drawing simple shapes in the canvas. Then, you’ll add movements to them like bouncing and jumping. Finally, you’ll turn those shapes into characters, which makes your program a real game!

❶ Draw a shape

❷ Move a shape

❸ Make a circle bounce

❹ Make a circle jump

❺ Display a game character

❻ Collide and game over


Design your original icon

Design your own icon with programming. First, start off with simple shapes and text. Then, you’ll add shadows, blur, and gradation to make the entire icon three dimentional!

❶ Drawing circles and text

❷ Create a base icon

❸ Simple shading

❹ Advanced shading

❺ Colors

❻ Gradation

How to use Silentorial?

Meet the Silentorial Cast!